Let us help you take more pleasure in the wedding planning process.

As a newly engaged couple, you’re completely overwhelmed by making decisions for your upcoming wedding.

We are 100% committed to making things easier for you and for us. We have such passion for our work. And we are obsessed with floating in the pool while and sipping something bubbly, engaging in friendly competition with our kids during board game nights, bingeing Bridgerton after the kiddos are asleep, folding laundry while sharing stories of the day with our significant others and, in general, not thinking about work all the time. We want those vibes for you too during your wedding planning adventure.

I’m Lauren and my team and I educate and collaborate with wedding clients to create a unique, engaging and stress free wedding floral design experience.

I married my forever person in July of 2021

I had decision fatigue and only made 1/20th the number of decisions that you are making for your larger wedding. I am so focused on making this process easier for you because I know how horrible being overwhelmed about your wedding is.

Planning a small, intimate, family only affair was SO. MUCH. WORK.

And at the same time, I needed a flexible schedule and time to spend with my children. I spent much of the first few years of my business figuring out how to make the whole wedding flower process easier and less time consuming while still serving my clients well.

After a few years, I started to see that clients appreciated and wanted the process to be easier for them too. I worked my way through four wedding seasons, soaking up all the experiences, listening to what clients had to say and trying different things to see what worked.

In 2017 I was freshly divorced and needed income so I decided to put my entrepreneurial skills to work and start my own business.

Now with 180+ weddings in the books (250 after we complete our 2022 season) and an amazing team, we are experts in making wedding florals completely fabulous and straightforward…
for us AND for you!



I graduated from Purdue University and worked in the animal health industry until I found a passion for flowers and farm management. I work with the flower farm and in floral design. I am also an owner/operator of a 40 head cow/calf operation here in Seymour. I work behind the scenes at LFD in flower procurement and in keeping Lauren on track. I am working on my photography skills and am the resident photographer for the farm and wedding flowers. 


I grew up in Northern Indiana, graduated from Purdue University, and worked in children's ministry and at United Way for many years. Since 2010 when I got married, my husband and I have been on a wild adventure in full time ministry, which is what brought us to Seymour. I work behind the scenes at LFD, organizing, communicating and making everyone laugh. Being a part of weddings and serving the LFD team and couples brings me a lot of satisfaction and joy.


I taught art for 37 years in Seymour Community Schools and in 2020 I retired to babysit my grandchildren. Spending time with my grandchildren gives me a great opportunity to continue spreading my passion for art. I was so excited when Lauren contacted me to come work for her when I am not hanging with my grandchildren. Working with beautiful flowers is the perfect fit for me! It is so rewarding to create beautiful arrangements and see the joy they bring to everyone.


I grew up in North Vernon, Indiana, and still live there. My fiance and I live on our farm with our goats, cats, chickens and our dog. I work full time at Cummins in HR. I have fun planning parties for my family and friends. I enjoy being creative and getting to play with flowers when there are big wedding weekends . I enjoy going to Colts games, traveling and jeeping. Fun Fact: My fiance and I are high school sweethearts and we are getting married this summer!


I am an integral part of my family farm where we grow corn and soybeans. I own/operate an online clothing boutique and work at Girls Inc in addition to working at Laurilyn Farms and Laurilyn Floral Design. I also grow vegetables and sell them at our farm stand. As you can probably guess, I like to stay busy doing things I enjoy. I love being a part of the whole cut flower process: planting, growing, harvesting & designing! I have developed a knack for making maid’s bouquets and I can’t wait to make yours!


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We're Laurilyn Floral Design, and our mission is to create a unique and stress free wedding floral design experience. 



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